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Arts Management

It takes a good marketer to catch one's attention
but it takes a great marketer to make one feel, think and act.

As someone who thinks of himself as being 'creatively inclined', I find the world of marketing to be exciting and challenging in equal measure.  My skills and experience lie at the intersection of design, communications, growth marketing and marketing-driven sales.


From content creation (brand collaterals, graphics, videos, podcasts, sales collaterals, landing pages) and content distribution (communities, social, email, ads) to conversion campaigns (lead generation, lead nurture, funnel-based, outbound, CRM) and CRO (page optimization, SEO, lead magnets gates, retargeting, data-driven design, growth hacks) – I'm a full-stack marketer who prioritizes the human on the other end over vanity marketing metrics.

Projects, Festivals & More

Digital Tools for Performing Arts

Fourth Wall Productions (Work Experience)

Kaivalya Plays (Work Experience)

Martin E. Segal Theater Center (Work Experience)

Nursery Theatre (Work Experience)

Raasa Theatre Festival (Work Experience)

Theatre Management Fellowship

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