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Artistic Research


AI On Stage

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as text-based LLMs, GAN models for images, videos, voice, and music, in contemporary theatre practice raises a multitude of artistic, ethical and technological questions. However, the impact, role, and implications of AI in live theatre productions in India is largely unexplored. This research aims to investigate the transformative power of AI in theatre, understanding how AI can influence the creative process, shape performance elements, and engage with audiences in real-time.

This research is supported by the Parivartan Grant for Artistic Research as well as through other artistic projects.


Hier, Jetzt (Und Dann?) 
English: Here, Now (And then?)

Exploring the future of performance formats, audience engagement and artistic working methodologies in Germany.


As the lead researcher, I am interviewing theatre artists, collectives, festivals and venues on their biggest challenges of the past few years, how they are integrating technology, data and hybrid approaches in their work and their vision for the future. 


Supported by Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and my host organization, the Berlin-based collective Rimini Protokoll under the aegis of the German Chancellor Fellowship (Bundeskanzlerstipendium) 2022-23.


Safety in the Performing Arts in India 

A research project that seeks to enquire into the aspects of physical, mental and legal safety and wellbeing for individual practitioners like actors, directors, facilitators and designers, among others, in their own practice or as part of a larger collective, in India.

This project has been initiated by the Indian theatre collective Kaivalya Plays. As the associate researcher, I am focused on outreach, communications and documentation of the project as a whole, contributing to the development of an open-source online resource library to facilitate safety in the arts.

This project is implemented by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), under the Arts Research programme, made possible with support from BNP Paribas India.

Kaivalya Plays in a joint improv workshop with Calambur Teatro in Madrid, Spain.jpg
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My background in artistic research

I have been working as an arts researcher for the past 4 years. My research focus lies at the intersection of theatre, technology and society, including digital & internet culture, linguistics, data and mediality, among others.


In the past, I have explored digital performance formats, accessing arts funding, democratizing arts education and investigating safety and consent in the performing arts, among others.


My artistic research practice is supported by an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice (Distinction) from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama which I received in 2021, with the support of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship from the UK Government. Herein, my graduating performance research submission was titled ‘Liveness and recording as dramaturgical choices and stagecraft elements in post-pandemic theatre’. My undergraduate degree in business management from the University of Delhi as well as my professional work experience in the tech sector as a data-driven marketer and content producer has allowed me to augment the design, execution and dissemination of my research projects through the digital medium.

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