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Screen Portfolio


I've been acting for the stage for the past seven years, a glimpse of which you can see HERE, and have recently started going more into screen acting.

I'm trained in spontaneous improvisation, method acting, clowning and physical theatre. I am a native Hindi/Urdu speaker. I have worked in technology, data and arts sector.

​Casting Information

  • Age: 26

  • Playing Age: 25 to 35

  • Eyes: Brown

  • Height: 5'7''

  • Build: Heavy

  • Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Spanish

  • Accents: English (Indian), English (International), Spanish (Castellano), Spanish (Latinamerican)

  • Tattoos / Marks: None

  • Agent: Not signed

Work Samples


Ghalti (English: Mistake)

Short Film / MetFilm School London

Actor / May 2021  

Directed by Domenico Di Lillo and shot by Moazzam Iqbal, this short film explores the life of Kareem, a young man from Pakistan who moved to the UK in search for a better life. Between his tiring, gruelling job as a food delivery agent and mounting expectations from his partner back home, he is confronted by a difficult choice — to hold on or to let go.


Magic Carpet (Hammad Rashid)

Music Video / Independent

Actor / July 2021  

Music/Lyrics: Hammad Rashid

Vocals: Rasa

Video Director: Mozzam Iqbal

Cast: Sharavani Purandare and Gaurav Singh

Video Producer & 1st AD: Jagdeep Thiara

1st AC and 2nd Camera: Kamil Boron

Shot in Hampstead Heath, London.


Monologue / The Play Factory Delhi

Actor / May 2020  

TRIGGER WARNING - Abuse, Stalking

Presenting 'Touch' for The Play Factory's Quarantine Monologue series. This monologue features one of the most intriguing characters I've played over the last few years – Steve from the play 'Threesome Without Simone' written by Kristo Sagor.


The play examines the lives of three boys who are being investigated for molesting a female classmate. The character of Steve, who is the present boyfriend of the girl in question, shows multiple emotions – obsession, guilt, hurt, defiance, arrogance. His behaviour repeatedly blurs the lines between love, lust, and abuse.

Reels & TikToks

Short-Form Content / Social Media

Various / 2020 onwards

I started producing short-form video content for social media such as Instagram Reels and TikToks in mid-2020 at the height of the pandemic as a way to engage myself.

At the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I worked on a performance research project that explored performativity and theatricality on TikTok, which compelled me to continue creating these videos.


None of these are intended to be taken seriously, please feel free to scroll the video gallery and amuse yourself.


Reels & TikToks
Texting Anxiety
Worlds Worst Birth Control Ads
Theatre Student Questions
Imposter Syndrome
Worlds Worst Auditions -Part 2
Indian Parents
TikTok Addiction


Video Content Marketing

I've produced a variety of video campaigns, product videos, brand & marketing videos and case study videos for a wide variety of organizations and projections

Please note all the following samples and projects are owned by the respective brands and entities. No copyright infringement is intended.