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Peele Scooter Waala Aadmi

Nov 2013


An exploration of a writer's inner mind by Fourth Wall Productions based on the original script by Manav Kaul.

Simple questions may have simple answers, but some questions have no answers at all. These are questions that begin to stay with you… A young man is trying to write, but unanswered questions keep haunting him.

Caught in a time warp, Peele Scooter Wala Aadmi by Manav Kaul is the story of a man caught in a grey, between the monochrome of his past and present. The dilemmas of his life find a place in the story he is writing. The fiction rubs shoulders with a rather hesitant real life. He is trying to write, but unanswered questions keep haunting him. The play explores his inner struggle as a writer and a person, as he tries repeatedly to write the story he wishes to tell.


Playing the character of "Pitamber" was equal parts challenging and enriching. As an alter-ego of the central character, Pitamber often spoke in riddles and personal references. For the role, I worked on improving my Hindi diction and becoming comfortable with silences on stage. Being one of the first full-length plays I ever did, one of the most memorable moments was when I was delivering a monologue downstage and a light bulb burst not more than 10 feet away from me!

Cast & Crew

Presented by Fourth Wall Productions, SSCBS
Directed by Kabir Khattar and Karan Kaul
Lights Design by Diivit Kumar
Performed by Ashish Ranjan, Gaurav Singh, Gurleen Sidana, Pranav Walia, Puneet Mahajan, Aayush Sudhir Krishnatreya

Production Overview

Premiere: 26 December 2013
No. of Performances: 10
Running Length: 55 mins
Language: Hindi

Staged at IIM Ahmedabad, Hindu College, Dyal Singh College

Project Gallery

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