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Aug 2019

Publicity and Communications Manager

A devised performance by the Little Theatre Group (LTG) Repertory that explores the our relationship with plastic.

The play पन्नीarchy is devised ensemble piece directed by Piyush Kumar. A visceral depiction of how mankind has managed to create a substance that once deemed a miracle now infiltrates all aspects of our environment with such persistence that any task without plastic is unimaginable. The play intends to initiate a discussion about the global effect of plastics and how it is increasing day by day not only above the ground but also through unmonitored dumping that continues to alter 3/4 of the planet which is our oceans. The omnipresence of this material has made all of us oblivious of its hazardous impact on our lives and the environment in general. The play tries to cover several aspects of this unavoidable situation using the method of docu-drama and visuals created by using aspects of physical theatre.


I led the publicity, communications and marketing for this project. The LTG is one of Delhi's oldest and most prominent performance spaces. Given the experimental nature of this production, we relied on reaching out to new audiences through email marketing and social media ads while using Whatsapp marketing to engage previous audiences. From designing posters and brochures to setting up a dedicated online payments portal, I gained valuable theatre management experience from this project.

Cast & Crew

Presented by Little Theatre Group (LTG) Delhi
Directed by Piyush Kumar
Performed by Ankit Bhatt, Arnav Roy, Ashutosh K. Shukla, Dileep Sharma, Diwanshu Gambhir, Jay Prakash, Jyoti Rana, Jyotsna Singh, Kaizad Gandhi, Kanika Kashyap, Nirgun Mandal, Nishi Paliwal, Nitika Goel, Sahejmeen Kaur, Shruti Maithani, Shubhra Prakash, Suraj Kumar
Publicity & Communications Managed by Gaurav Singh
Documentation by Sanjana Chopra

Production Overview

Premiere: August 7 2019
No. of Performances: 3
Running Length: 40 mins
Language: Non-verbal

Staged at The Blank Canvas at LTG Auditorium

Project Gallery

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