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Nov 2014


A physical theatre piece written by Badal Sircar that explores humanity's relationship with protests, processions and parades.

Set in the backdrop of a strained political and social environment, Juloos by Indian playwright Badal Sircar is the story of a common man’s personal dilemma over moral actions. At the forefront is the story of a man Munna and the various stages of his life as he tries to find his way back to a place, a place he used to once call home. The play also traces the events that occur during a juloos, a synonym for protest, caused by the common public to bring up a cause, often influenced by those in authority having vested interests. The various rhythms and shapes of a juloos forms the basis of the search Munna embarks on. A symbol of hope and identity, Munna always tries to look a little further beyond the bend, for answers to the many questions he has. Questions about individual identity, thoughts, personal freedom and even death, that stay with him even as he grows old.


The playwright Badal Sircar was a strong proponent of taking theatre outside expensive halls and prosceniums to the masses in streets and courtyards. The text was the playwright's finest work in the "Third Theatre", which focused on direct, transparent and honest communication between the actor and the audience without the garb of artificial theatricality. Directing this play was my first tryst with physical theatre and using the body as a storytelling medium. I worked closely with a large team of performers focusing on their voice, movement and physicality.

Cast & Crew

Presented by Fourth Wall Productions, SSCBS

Production Overview

Premiere: 1 November 2014
No. Of Performances: 12
Running Length: 50 mins
Language: Hindi

Staged at BITS Pilani, PGDAV College, Dyal Singh College, Deshbandhu College.

Project Gallery

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