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Mar 2020

Publicity and Communications Manager

A performance of Henrik Ibsen's classic play in Hindi by the Little Theatre Group Repertory.

Written in 1881, GHOSTS is a scathing commentary on the fragility and morality of human relationships. The story revolves around the lives of a dysfunctional family, where a woman is building an orphanage in the memory of her late husband. A series of unlikely events ensure, revealing hidden intentions, secret affairs and complex relationships. The question remains, is it easier to confront loved ones about their decisions or simply live with the consequences of the same?


I led the publicity, communications and marketing for this project. The LTG is one of Delhi's oldest and most prominent performance spaces. To reach new audiences, we relied on email marketing, print ads and social media ads while we used Whatsapp marketing to engage previous audiences. From designing posters and brochures to setting up a dedicated online payments portal and documenting the performances, I gained valuable theatre management experience from this project.

Cast & Crew

Presented by Little Theatre Group (LTG) Delhi
Directed by K. S. Rajendran
Assistant Direction by Nishi Paliwal
Lights & Sound Design by Daaod & Pradipta Singh
Translated by Astri Ghosh
Performed by Jyotsna Singh
Nishi Paliwal, Shruti Maithani, Nitika Goel, Sahejmeen Kaur, Jay Prakash, Shubra Prakash, Ashutosh Shukla. Dileep Sharma
Publicity, Communications & Documentation by Gaurav Singh

Production Overview

Premiere: February 26 2020
No. of Performances: 3
Running Length: 100 mins
Language: Hindi

Staged at the Inder Lal Dass Auditorium, Little Theatre Group.

Project Gallery

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