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Sep 2019


A play on the complexities of the creative process explored through the lens of three friends caught on the wrong side of opinions and aesthetics.

Footnotes is the story of three lifelong friends Sameer, Madhav and Alvin of an amateur theater group Fun2shh. When Sameer buys a revolutionary script for them to perform in a theater festival, Madhav is shocked by the content of the script, or rather lack of it while, Alvin, the third member of the group, acts as a disastrous mediator. When the argument ensues from a critical dissection of the script moves toward an unraveling of personal constraints, each of them are forced to question not only the purpose of the theatre group but their friendship itself.


The play, inspired by Yasmina Reza's Art, was based on the actual, real-life experiences that we had lived through while working with different amateaur theatre groups in the city. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to stage it in an intimate, minimal and non-conventional style, in part motivated by the kind of spaces that small theatre teams are actually able to afford in New Delhi. The play had scenes with a wide variety of settings – a small rehearsal space in a house, a public art gallery and a road-side cafe outside a prominent theatre – allowing us to experiment more with lights and sounds to portray different settings rather than relying on big sets or props. In particular, we relied on keeping the same furniture throughout every scene, merely changing their orientation or use in space to show a transition. Another critical element of our staging plan was to create a small, personal space for every character at the periphery of the performing area, where they would exit to at the end of a scene. At all times, the characters remained on stage in their own personal spaces, giving an audience a glimpse into who they were even if they weren’t performing in the scene. The themes of contrasting theatrical expressions (traditional vs modern) and how they formed a metaphor for the outlook each character had towards their own lives, formed the primary intention of the performance.

Cast & Crew

Presented by Kaivalya Plays
Directed by Gaurav Singh and Diivit Kumar
Performed by Ashish Ranjan, Prateek Sonny, Nishant Bhati, Hitesh R. Khanna
Light Design & Operation by Himanshu Karwal
Sound Design & Operation by Akshay Raheja
Backstage Management by Ayush Jain, Shreya Vaid
Text & Adaptation by Prateek Sonny

Production Overview

Premiere: 1 September 2019

No. Of Performances: 6

Project Gallery

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