Hi, I'm Gaurav.

I'm a theatre-maker, marketer and creative consultant.

I occasionally write on art, design, marketing and theatre.

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Lifeline 99 99
Lifeline 99 99

An interactive one-on-one performance on the phone that combines live storytelling with IVRS

A Walk, Interrupted
A Walk, Interrupted

An original binaural audio / headphone theatre piece that explores the act of walking and the sounds that accompany it.

Us Here Now (Hum Yahan Abhi)
Us Here Now (Hum Yahan Abhi)

A community-based radio show that brings improv and playback theatre in an audio-only format


Gaurav is a theatre-maker, marketer and creative consultant based in New Delhi, India

He has worked with several ​brands, arts institutions, and creative organizations towards projects that encompass communications, performing arts, design and growth marketing.

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Lead Generation    Theatre Direction    Graphic Design
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