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Hi, I'm Gaurav.

I'm a theatre-maker, arts manager and creative technologist.

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I occasionally write on art, design, marketing and theatre.

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An improvised, interactive theatre performance featuring human and AI performers talking about the climate crisis.


A digital revival of the greatest literature piece in Incan origin, translated from the original Quechua language into Hindi.

The Amazing Flabby-Breasted Virgin & Other Sordid Tales
The Amazing Flabby-Breasted Virgin & Other Sordid Tales

A playful, irreverent digital performance exploring how women's bodies are talked about in Indian medical education.


Gaurav is a theatre-maker, marketer and creative consultant from New Delhi, India who works with arts organizations around the world.

He has worked with several ​brands, arts institutions, and creative organizations towards projects that encompass communications, performing arts, design and growth marketing.

Growth Marketing    Theatre Acting    Communications
Inbound Marketing    CRO    Paid Advertising   
Lead Generation    Theatre Direction    Graphic Design
Web Design    Theatre Production    Email Marketing
Creative Strategy    Arts Management    Video Marketing

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