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The Shunya Theory

Mar 2024

Video / Projection Designer

A living room drama exploring mental health through the lives of five individuals.

The project is an exploration around the meaning of ‘life’ and what it means to people coming from different walks of life. The play is a drawing room drama, where one late afternoon people gather together out of necessity. The conversations between these characters, the relationship that they do/don’t share with each other, paves way to complex realisations in the lives of all. The play, through the stories of these individuals, explores the themes of modern lifestyle, spirituality, scientific curiosities and mental health. The project is a performance of an originally written play. The languages spoken in the play are English and Hindi, at a show running time of 75 minutes.


As the video designer for the performance, I was invited by the team to imagine and visualize the diverse worlds of these five characters and how they might manifest through projections in an otherwise "realistic" play that relies on performance and text as the primary mediums of storytelling. After many rounds of discussions and experiments with inputs from the director Himaniie Panth and scenography Harshita Luba Guha, we brought together different video styles and techniques to create a subtle, yet meaningful design for the performance. The projections also serve to take audiences beyond the text, into the past histories of these characters as well as their current emotional state. There is also an aspect of projection mapping, that enabled us to activate parts of the stage properties and give them new meaning.

Creative Team

Presented by Our Artyard
Supported by the DSM Niloufer Sagar Alumni Production Grant
Written and directed by Himaniie Panth
Performed by Aayush Sharma, Dhwani Singh, Harshita Luba Guha, Tushar, Shobhit Tandon and Pavvit Chhabhra
Assistant Direction by Tanishq Pant
Music Production & Sounds by Chehak Verma
Project Mentorship by Neel Chaudhuri
Dramaturgy by Abhinav Grover and Noel Sengupta
Light Design and Operation by Tanishq Pant and Noel Sengupta
Projection Design by Gaurav Singh Nijjer
Scenography by Harshita Luba Guha

Production History

Premiere: Lilanoor Centre for Music and Arts, March 2024

Project Gallery

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