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Marta la Piadosa

July 2019

Production Manager and Technical Crew

An adaptation of Tirso de Molina's play from the golden age of Spanish theatre, re-imagined for Indian sensibilities.

Sisters Marta and Lucía face the loss of their brother with a cocktail of emotions; they are both in love with Felipe, the man who murdered their brother in a duel. Marta, engaged to be married to an old friend of her father’s, feigns a religious calling to avoid the match, while all the time finding endlessly inventive ways of meeting with her lover, Felipe.

Tirso de Molina's classical play is now re-imagined in the Maratha Kingdom of India and performed completely in Spanish by Indian performers. The play was presented as India's official entry to the 42nd edition of AlmagroOFF, the world's largest classical theatre festival.


Given this was an international performance, I came into the project as a dedicated production manager and tech operator within the last few weeks. In Spain, I hustled hard to coordinate operational and creative requirements between the Directors and the performers to ensure a smooth show (and keep everyone sane!) If being first team from India to ever make it to AlmagroOFF, the world's largest classical theatre festival, wasn't a big enough feat, the fact that the play was a 17th century Spanish text performed entirely by language students was certainly the highlight of this project for me.

Cast & Crew

Presented by El Clavileno
Directed by Alka Jaspal and Varoon P. Anand
Lights & Sound Design by Varoon P. Anand, Gaurav Singh
Music by Rahul Tikadar
Stage Design & Backstage Management by Amrit Goyal, Nayla Khwaja
Choreography by Anukriti Bhatnagar
Publicity & Communications by Gaurav Singh
Stage Managed by Aanchal Agrawal, Rashika Gupta
Performed by Tariq Ahmad, Vanshika Verma, Priya Vyas, Shuchi Nag, Mayank Gupta, Vidur Sehgal, Aman Jain, Dravya Chawla, Gurpreet Singh, Abhinav Kaushal

Production Overview

Premiere: 17 July 2019
No. Of Performances: 2
Language: Spanish
Running Length: 100 minutes

Staged at Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi and El Silo, under Festival de Teatro Clasico Almagro in Spain.

Project Gallery

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