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El Cadáver del Señor García

Jul 2018


A madcap murder mystery in Spanish, fuelled by the eccentric characters of Jardiel Poncela

While Abelardo is in the dining room of the house of his fiancee Hortensia and celebrates the happiness of his imminent marriage, they discover the corpse of a man on their divan. The question on everyone's mind.. Who is he and why did he kill himself?</p>
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<p class="font_8">In a quest to find these very answers, we have the lovers, the porters, the maids, the friends of the couple, the neighbors of the house, among whom there is a boisterous widow, an orator and a Russian reciter, plus a ceremonious judge, a distracted official and an out-of-the-ordinary medical examiner, without forgetting the contribution of corpse itself, form a gallery of oddball characters created by the playwright Jardiel Poncela caught in the middle of a crazy plot, full of suspense, accusations, humor and nonsense alike!


I auditioned for a role in this Spanish farce when I had just begun my first A1.1 Spanish language course. Beyond being able to introduce myself in Spanish, I had no language skills. However, the opportunity to learn a new language through theatre seemed like a reasonably exciting challenge and I decided to take the plunge. My enthusiasm (and optimism) led me to being cast in complicated role of a sixty-year old forensic judge heading a team of 2 coroners who is investigating a dead body in a stranger´s house. Given the farcical nature and language of the text, this role allowed me to expand my vocabulary of being "funny" on stage by thoroughly analyzing the lines for specific moments for movements and gestures. About four months later, when the play was staged, I had just advanced to his third course but my performance convinced native speakers that I was an advanced student in the language!

Cast & Crew

Presented by El Clavileno
Directed by Alka Jaspal and Varoon P. Anand
Lights Design & Operation by Krishna Kohli and Bhavini Trikha
Stage Managed by Gurpreet Singh, Veer Kartik, Rashika Gupta, Jigyasa Ahuja
Performed by Ayushi Gupta, Shailja Gussain, Mamta Sehgal, Gaurav Singh, Tariq Ahmad, Vidur Sehgal, Gustavo Loranzo, Abhinav Kaushal, Vanshika Verma, Deepriya Nagi, Nishtha Arora, Dravya Chawla, Hitesh Raj

Production Overview

Premiere: 23 June 2018
No. Of Performances: 3
Running Length: 90 minutes
Language: Spanish

Staged at Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi.

Project Gallery

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