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Digital Tools For Performing Arts

August 2020

Facilitator, Course Creator

A series of practical workshops on digital performing arts management for cultural professionals.

In 2020, as the cultural industry faced closures and delays due to the pandemic, they faced another, less apparent challenge – the challenge of finding, engaging and monetising audiences online. I decided to combine my knowledge around digital management into a series of practical, hands-on training workshops under the Digital for Performing Arts series produced by Kaivalya Plays. The program saw participation from different stakeholders within the performing arts – individual performers, practitioners, arts managers, venue managers – these sessions were geared towards those who are looking to move their individual artistic practice (or that of a collective) to the digital space or wish to expand their existing scale of operations with technology. No prior experience was needed for any of the sessions, just a will to learn.


As the facilitator for this workshop series, I tried to build upon the participant's existing knowledge of digital tools and show them quick, effective methods and tools they can use to not just perform online, but move their entire artistic practice online – from communications and project management to ticketing, livestreaming and building an online presence. Each participant was also provided a customized handout after every workshop having additional learning resources, materials and opportunities for them to validate their newly-acquired digital skills. The workshops were slow to pick up but we were overwhelmed with the response. We are now planning to release this as an on-demand course on digital performing arts management.

The Team

Presented by Kaivalya Plays
Moderated by Nuhar Bansal & Medha Agrawal
Marketing & Promotions by Stuti Kanoongo

Program Overview

No of Sessions: 11
Topics Covered: Email Marketing, Knowledge Management, Livestreaming, Payments & Ticketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development,
No of Participants: 25

Project Gallery

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