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Life Update: Recipient of the German Chancellor Fellowship (Bundeskanzler Stipendium)

1 July 2022

Life Update: Recipient of the German Chancellor Fellowship (Bundeskanzler Stipendium)


Gaurav Singh

An overview of the year-long research project and Fellowship.

Life update – I'm moving to Berlin!

I've received the German Chancellor Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to conduct a 12-month research project on audiences for digital theatre.

The AvH Foundation grants up to 50 German Chancellor Fellowships to prospective leaders from Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the USA – across disciplines and subject areas. Together with a German host and mentor of their choice, fellows conduct a socially relevant project they develop independently.

My research project 'Finding New Audiences: Accessibility & Engagement of Digital Theatre & Hybrid Performance' measures the change in attitudes, behaviour, access and consumption of digital theatre and hybrid performances (as compared to in-person, live performances) by arts audiences in Germany.

I'll be working closely with Rimini Protokoll, a genre-bending German theatre company doing innovative work at the intersection of performance, media, technology and more.

My research will additionally investigate how specific design, technical and artistic elements of such performances have led to the inclusion (and exclusion) of certain audience segments. Consequently, it will map barriers and challenges to accessing these performances, such as those related to visual, motor, speech, auditory, linguistic and technical adoption, among others that might be uncovered.

There are many folks whom I'd like to thank:

My colleague, Varoon P. Anand at Kaivalya Plays for his unwavering support at every single step

My professor, Dr. Lynne Kendrick at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for listening and expanding my enquiries as an artist and an arts researcher during my MA

My host, Helgard Haug of Rimini Protokoll for being open and willing to jump onboard this journey with me

BUKA Fellows Diana, Swati, Ada and others who patiently answered all my queries during the application stage and beyond.

Lastly, all of the exceptional theatre-makers and artistis I've met online and in-person over the last two years who've kept me going with their talent, kindness and spirit.

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