21 Aug 2021

A meaningful encounter

Christy Varghese



The Pioneer

We are delighted to wrap up the second run of #lifeline9999 with this wonderfully crafted review in today's edition of The Pioneer.

Here is a short excerpt from the piece that sums up the unique format of the show: 

"This audio experience leaves a lot to the imagination, while simultaneously making it suitable for not only those with visual impairments but also for those experiencing screen fatigue. Each performance is a conversation that is distinct from another which is what makes it all the more unique and personalised.

Lifeline 99 99 portrays the urge to connect, regardless of the person you are communicating with. There is a sense of relief in just having another person on the line, a quantum in the canvas of the universe. A human being is an eclectic unit, and only conversations with different people bring out the nitty-gritties of human nature."

You can read the full article at bit.ly/9999pioneer

I'd like to thank Sneha Dasgupta and Christy Varghese for picking up the phone to experience the show first-hand and their meticulous documentation of our work.

Read the full article here.